Monday, February 27, 2012

Leap Year

Did you know that in the Chinese and Jewish calendars they get an entire Leap Month?! Apparently America and the traditional calendar is not the only one with a Leap in it. On Wednesday, it will be February 29, 2012. Leap Day of the Leap Year of 2012. People will get married, babies will be born and future stories of how young you are or how few years you've been married will be told. Once every four years this mystical day appears. It's signifies not only an accounting of time but here in America it means elections are here. Mud slinging, name calling, power-plays and even actual political debates will occur. While you are busy sorting through the political possibilities, take time to enjoy some of the educational information about exactly why we take this Leap once every 4 years.

Monday, February 20, 2012

President's Day

Many of us are fortunate enough to be in a position to have the day off. We celebrate the President on the 3rd Monday of February. Specifically February is about Washington and Lincoln but over the course of time it has come to include all of the men responsible for leading this nation. Whether you agree with the president's politics or not the position is one that should be honored. Take this day to find out a little bit more about the person leading this nation. Happy President's Day!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day

According to the various stores across the country and around the globe, tomorrow is the official day of love. I've often referred to Valentine's Day as leftover red stuff from Christmas but that's just me. Varying accounts in regards to the Saint (St. Valentine) honored by this day talk about how this holiday came about. No one is 100% positive of the true origin of Valentine's Day but there are 3 possibilities which have all led us to this day that seems to put unnecessary pressure on couples to either get engaged, married or show their love in a large fashion. It also makes singles feel as if their lives are somehow less than if they aren't a part of the love fest.

Although it might be sweet to have an official day set aside to make certain the ones you love definitely get the message that they are loved, it is not appropriate to make the world feel as if not having a significant other makes you less than. It is not appropriate to make those in love feel they must make a grand show of this emotion. It is not appropriate to start advertising sales for this day the moment the New Year has gotten underway.

Love is a beautiful gift found in many ways in all our lives. You are loved more than you will ever know. You can share love in many forms and you should be grateful for this gift everyday. IF you happen to be fortunate enough to have that significant other do not take for granted the special joy you have found. Be sure to make that person feel what's in your heart on a regular basis. Do not bemoan the up coming event but do not feel obligated to make it the biggest event in the world. It is nice to have a romantic date. It is lovely to share a token of your affection with the one you're with. Remembering what that person is truly about is more important than going all out on what feels like an obligation. Do what you know is true to the one you're with not to society at large. A simple "I Love You" is more precious and expensive than any dozen of roses. After all, Love is the greatest gift of all.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Black History Month

February a short month dedicated to many men and women who have contributed greatly to American society. It is Black History month. Although some individuals question why an entire month needs to be dedicated to the study of famous black inventors, I am not one. I clearly understand the continued need for this month of study.

I grew up in elementary school learning of all the famous deeds of individuals like Betsy Ross, George Washington, Eli Whitney and the like. When February came around I finally saw people with my skin color who contributed to society. The names of Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King and George Washington Carver became familiar to the other children in the room. I could finally completely identify with success and discuss these people with others. Of course, it was only during February as these individuals rarely resurfaced during the course of a school year.

As my educational career continued, I noticed that every February the same names were used and reused where as the famous non black inventors, creators and history makers grew and changed. I was fortunate enough to have a family immersed in the idea that I needed to know the entire spectrum of history. The library was my friend. Where were the names of such individuals as Garrett Morgan, Sarah Goode, Daniel Hale Williams, Miriam Benjamin and Charles Drew? No where to be seen in my childhood and sparingly doled out today.

We continue to need this important month to truly allow this country to recognize all the contributions that it's citizens have made. Currently a movie is in theaters called Red Tails. It documents the history of the First Black Military Airmen. That's right the Tuskegee Airman were an all black World War Two flying force that consisting of over 1,000 individuals from 1941-1946. They escorted bombers and had one of the Lowest loss records of all the escorting corps. It amazes me that we are just now getting around to a mass telling of this story and that more individuals did not even know of their existence.

We need to find a way to stop revisionist and exclusionary history from continuing. There is plenty of room in the history books for All of America's famous individuals. Adding another line or two, another page or two to update the history books would make the world a better place. Until we do make room for the real facts, I am glad we have Black History Month.