Monday, September 26, 2011


For the past 20 years (I started as a child prodigy at the mere age of 10) I have been fortunate enough to participate in one of the few truly college run radio stations left to us. It has allowed my musical knowledge to grow and enabled me to meet individuals that would have most likely never crossed my path in any other circumstance. I am fortunate for this experience and would greatly like for it to continue. This year, as well as the past few, has been financially tough for us all. Having enough money to meet the rising costs of daily needs has been increasingly more difficult. Answering every plea for help is impossible for any one individual but if you can answer any plea, I am asking that it be to donate to the radio station that broadcasts live 24 hours a day from the campus of Loyola Marymount called KXLU.  This Tuesday, September 27, 2011 from 8-10 PM Pacific Standard Time I will be on air to raise funds for both the station and my show Soiree Musicale. Please contribute to the cause by pledging your support either online at or by calling in a pledge at 310-338-KXLU that’s 310-338-5958. All pledges are greatly appreciated. Thanks VERY much for your new and continued support!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Dedicated DJ

Monday, September 19, 2011

The World As It Is

 Every now and again it’s nice to just notice the world around you as it is. I noticed a billboard that said, “We intentionally made this billboard boring so that you pay attention to the road.” Now I know I am quoting it, which means I saw it to read it, but I was walking, looked up and saw it. It was a billboard for gas so I am not the target audience. If they don’t want drivers distracted then how are they going to get new customers?

I noticed a mushroom growing in the hall. I’m not kidding. My building’s main hall had a mushroom growing between the carpet and the wall. It made me laugh but it also scared me to death as that means there’s a fungus among us and mold and mildew must be in the walls. It might explain the rising cost of water.

I noticed that birds intentionally find the cleanest car to aim at. I know because I just washed my car and somehow although it was not under a tree or a lamppost or even overhead hanging wires, I have a lovely splotch across my hood. I think the new shiny wax enables easier target practice.

I noticed the beautiful sunset over the hidden lake as the ducks paddled by and the laughter of party goers filled the night. Everything’s a bit better when shared. IT was most definitely a night worth noticing. I wonder what I will notice next. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Everyone is NOT a Winner

I am sick and tired of people being rewarded for breathing.  One of the major problems we have in this society is giving a gold star to everyone for every little thing.  You just lost a pound or two, here have some money.  You were born into a rich family and have no discernable talent or purpose whatsoever, here have a television show.  You happen to have purchased a clever pet and posted a timely video when you caught it in the act of being cute, I’m sure I have a prize for you too. This is the society in which we currently live. Due to these “amazingly talented” moments, the children with whom I work believe everything deserves a reward.  They are no longer motivated to action because they know this is what we are supposed to do. They think at the end of any game there should be a physical reward as small as candy and as large as cash. Why are we rewarding children for expected behavior?

We have lost the ability to be gracious losers as both sides get a ribbon or a prize.  Kindergartners are having full on graduation ceremonies, 5th graders are receiving yearbooks, middle schools are having dances akin to high school proms and yet we wonder why the children aren’t satisfied with basic items anymore. We don’t know what it’s like to be happy for someone else as we all leave with gifts from a party.  We don’t recognize that it’s not an “all about me” moment as with our mass love of media we all get more than our 15 minutes of fame. Once upon a time a pat on the back and recognition for a job well done was satisfactory but now, we won’t lift a finger unless we are certain that not only someone is watching but that that same someone is ready with a reward.  Once upon a time we worked hard to achieve goals so that when we reached them we felt a true accomplishment had been made, but now it’s not worth the effort to be bothered.

Why are we allowing this to happen? Why are we settling for mediocrity in all forms of life? Why are we so afraid that someone we love will not love/like us if we say “No” and mean it? Why are we content to let everyone believe they have abilities which they do not?  I understand wanting to commemorate events in life. I am willing to accept the faux graduations of Pre K, Kinder and various other grade levels as long as they are called culminations. As that is merely acknowledging the end of a particular journey I can deal with that. To me there are only 2 true graduation ceremonies that most people get which are High School and University. Those ceremonies are special. They are earned through years of hard work and dedication to an action. We have to recognize that we are missing the mark in recognition. By allowing everyone a prize no one wins. Why should I bother to work my butt off if just by showing up I will get an award? We need to recognize and accept this fact of life: Everyone is NOT a winner. 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Sidewalk Poop

I love dogs. I really care for pretty much all animals great and small. I have a bird. I've had a few over the years. The ones I've had are low maintenance so they are easy to take care of at all times. I live in an apartment so a bird is better than a dog on that level. I have neighbors with pooches. These pooches I have seen but more often than not I have been made aware of their presence because of poop inappropriate places.

Scoop your poop people. Although the main reason I don't have a dog at the moment is my apartment's policy on that another major factor is I do not wish to be a pet valet. I have no urge to walk behind my canine with plastic bag in hand picking up steaming piles of poop. IF you have purchased a pup however, that IS what YOU  have signed up to do. You chose that life. You knew the responsibilities. You should not subject me and the rest of the world to stepping in something sticky. It is most definitely not neighborly. It's unsightly and unsanitary as well.

People not being responsible for their four legged friend's poop has become such a major epidemic that they are actually doing DNA testing to find the owner of the pile. That's right, you might think you are getting away with it but, you will be tracked down and fined. It's a simple matter people. Pick up the poop or be picked up for not picking up the poop. It's your call.