Monday, June 25, 2012

3D technology

My best friend has finally seen the light and is no longer obsessed with 3D technology. I discovered this as she apologized for forcing me to watch Brave on Friday in 3D.  The only open screening of it left that night was in 3D and as she doesn't get to go out that often (Mom's have a busy schedule) we paid the extra cash to see the movie. I honestly feel it would have been better suited as a standard film as the few 3D elements used served no real purpose to draw you in to the film or ad to the integrity of the script.

In the 50's 3D was new and exciting;an innovation in the film industry and used to allow a generation an opportunity to explore like never before. Today, it is overused, underdone and overrated. To me it is nothing but an excuse to get consumers to shell out extra dollars for a film that might just possibly be using technology to hide the lack of creativity in it's script. Despicable me only had one scene where 3D was needed. Avatar, although it appropriately used 3D, was just as great to me without it (I saw it in both formats) I really didn't need to run through the jungle to get the point of the chase. More and more films keep coming out with 3D versions. Less and less of them are appropriately used or even done well. Do we really need to see either Justin Beiber or Katie Perry in 3D? Why on earth is there about to be a version of the Great Gatsby in 3D? It's ridiculous.

With all the various ways to watch movies today the film industry and theaters are losing money. Theaters make there profit primarily on concessions and films today are making there profit on the extra dollars sitting in 3d seats. I live in a 3D world. I know what it's like. A well done film will transport me into it without the need for glasses. Who knows what would happen If we actually stopped sitting in the dark with glasses on, maybe they would actually go back to movies based on acting, strong characters and story lines or perhaps they would  make the technology truly worth our while or cease and desist with this stage of the film industries development.  Stranger things have been known to happen.

Monday, June 18, 2012

How to use Bully appropriately


  1. A person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker.
  2. Corned beef.
Use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants.
An expression of admiration or approval
You can't surf the net, turn on the television or read a paper without finding an article about bullying these days. Apparently our society has run rampant with bullies over the last 5 years. Unfortunately I feel our society has actually run rampant with a poor interpretation of what an actual bully is as everyone thinks the world runs just for them these days and any obstacle in  the way was intentionally placed there. I regret to inform you that not everyone is being bullied.

My mother told me that if I started any physical altercations I would be punished. She also told me to stand up for myself using words and wisdom but if that failed do to the other individual starting something physical then make sure they NEVER want to try that action again. I personally feel that was the best advice for me, my area, the time period and the neighborhood in which I lived. Every parent will have different advice and times have changed but one thing hasn't, at some point in time each of us will have to be responsible for making our presence appreciated. We are not doormats. The are those who do not clearly comprehend this and will try to walk all over you. Some of these individuals are simply ignorant;some arrogant;some obnoxious; some mean and others will actually be bullies.

On a daily basis we encounter individuals who are just mean spirited. They aren't going out of their way to pick on anyone in particular as they are just mean in general. When we encounter these people, they tend to rub us the wrong way as they don't make us feel our best. These individuals are not bullies and these individuals, believe it or not, are actually in child form. Children are not all sweet adorable beings. We tend to form the majority of our personality at a young age and guess what, mean people were kids too. Not only were the mean kids but the ignorant, the arrogant and the obnoxious as well.These people are a complete and utter pain but not necessarily bullies.A bully goes out of his or her way to target a specific individual to torment repeatedly. That is when we have a real bullying problem. When this occurs is when we need to deal with this person and resolve it. We have to teach children the difference. We have to teach parents the difference. We have to work to solve the problems and give kids coping mechanisms rather than just label everyone bullies and place blame all over.

There is no reason this entire nonsense of cyber bullying should even exist. WHY is your underage child on the internet? If adults can barely exist online without becoming completely idiotic, how do you expect children without fully developed social skills to know how to act online? It amazes me how many talk shows and news segments have been dedicated to this topic. The internet is a cold and impersonal place where people feel free to shame others since the others aren't there. IT is so easy to type a hurtful comment without judgement. The eyes of your victim are not there to stare at you. The sounds of the others aren't there to give you pause. Type and hit send; then sit back and grin. Get your child off the internet. They do NOT have to be there. Problem on cyber bullying solved.

 Today's parents and children bandy the word Bully about as if it's no big deal. They are wrong. The stigma of being labeled a bully can last a lifetime. Teach your child how to use words as tools of personal defense. Teach your child how to know the difference between a bully and a brat. Take your child off the internet. Once we return to parenting and letting your child know that not all situations are fair but that's life and life is not fair then maybe we can all say, "Bully for you!" 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Phone Fun

I'm planning ahead for a vacation which will take me deep into offline territory. Grandma's house is a cyber free zone. As I have vowed to maintain an updated blog, I've had to figure out how to do this from far far away. Now some would say to simply smuggle in a laptop but laptops are not my friend. Also, considering the current status of our airports, the thought of any excess anything makes my purse strings nervous.

I have decided that this smart phone has a great purpose after all. I tried directly linking to this blog through the web but found typing a bit difficult. Once I realized there had to be an ap for that, I downloaded it this morning. This is the beta testing of the ap. I am amazed. So many sci fi films are coming to life in my reality. I am connected to the world in the palm of my hand. I'm not sure if it is good or bad but it sure comes in handy.

Monday, June 4, 2012


In all honesty, I haven't written a post today because I am having one of those moments where my mind has turned to mush. There are so many topics to take on and yet I want nothing to do with any of them. I am tired of the world at large in general at the moment. The news surrounds us with the darkest hours of countries near and far;The neighbors arguing over noisy pets, dirty dishes car alarms and parking spaces; The inane ads for products making promises they can't possibly fulfill are all a big batch of badness I have no desire to attack. It is a true Monday blues day for me. Hopefully my creativity will return to me next week. Maybe there will be an amazing bright spot that shows it's face between now and then. We can hope.  We can hope.