Monday, August 27, 2012

Built in Self Destruct Mechanism

I just realized that my refrigerator is 20 years old and still going strong. The walk man that I purchased forever and a day ago still transmits the few stations broadcasting on regular radio. The blender from the late 80's and various other kitchen tools from the same time that are hiding in cabinets and drawers are all in fantastic working order too. IF all of these not so modern devices are still functioning, why is it we need new "smart" phones every two years, our computers only come with a one year guarantee and our other electronic devices tend to "fill up" so quickly we need to get more?

There absolutely has to be a built in self destruct mechanism in all our so called modern appliances. I understand that technology moves forward at an alarmingly fast pace but why must we make devices that aren't meant to last? Some of us don't need to keep up with the Jones' (who are those people any way?) Some of us would like to have reliable equipment. I would rather invest a little more now to have something I know will last than  spend less on the great "deal" that will just cause me to have to spend more in a year or less.

It is rather annoying to me that a printer I have had and minimally used for maybe 2 years has not only developed an issue which means I need to replace it, but that I had to search to find this particular model because 2 years was apparently all the life it was expected to live. I was forced to upgrade to a smart phone because of this line of thinking. My perfectly reliable, plenty of power for me multi-media phone has been phased out of the market. You can either have the basic flip or a smart phone but you aren't allowed to be somewhere in between. In order to make sure I changed my phone which had been working well, slowly developed issues that made it unreliable. I also noticed that it was no longer available for sale. All of this occurred right before time for me to upgrade my phone. How convenient is that?! 

We are in far too much of a hurry these days. The instant gratification craze  is killing us. Quality is no longer a guarantee no matter how hefty the price tag. The idea that you NEED the new and better has been pushed upon each new potential customer. "Oh you have level 3 I already have the 4th edition."  Children should not be that aware of consumerism. Once upon a time we took the time to make the buyer proud to come home to well built custom, non cookie cutter quality; It cost more but it was worth it.

Monday, August 13, 2012


I am happy to say that thanks to this and a few other places, I am accomplishing a goal. I started this blog in 2009 but I wasn't very good to it. I let it lie dormant, neglected in cyberspace. I kept saying that I would eventually get back to it but I didn't truly try again until August of last year. That was my first step to a wonderful habit.

I have always loved writing, telling stories, commenting on life...the list goes on. I have always been a fan books, words art in many forms. I have always dreamed of one day being a paid published author. I have had works published and that has made me smile. One day whether now or when I'm 90 maybe my other desire will come true. This was a step in that direction. A weekly exercise of commenting off the cuff. It might not always b quality but it is genuine, heartfelt and done with love of what I'm doing. Most dreams are worth pursuing. It is when you leave them neglected and/or under nurtured that they either fade away or become difficult.

Write for yourself. Write for a small group. Write, paint, draw, sing, dance, create an artistic reality for yourself that helps to sustain that inner you . It is ever so important to keep those artistic fires burning as they nourish the heart and soul. Thank you to all who have wandered by and especially to those who remain near to read what is writ in this tiny corner of cyberspace.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Gabby Gate

So when did hair become an Olympic event? Over the last week I have read numerous articles regarding a 16 year old Olympic Gold champion and they were not only about her significant accomplishments but somehow or another they were also about her hair. The audacity of the armchair commentator to say anything in regards to this talented young lady astounds me.  Hair is the least of her or any other athletes concerns at this amazing moment in time when all the world is watching and you are representing the best and the brightest in your event.

Not only was Gabby's hair on parade but we had numerous articles on the female athletes about whether they were fit or fat. Really? If they have made it all the way to the Olympics I am going to have to go with fit. It may not be Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition look but these people are not here to fill out a bathing suit so they can pose doggy style in the sand. They are here to compete. They are athletes. I  have seen a number of baseball players that I would want to pose that same fit or fat question to and yet where are THOSE articles?

Women athletes are that. ATHLETES and should be treated as such. True athleticism takes hard work, endurance, blood, sweat and tears. These women have more than proven their abilities by being at the Olympics representing their various countries and they should not be trivialized by societies still sorely lacking ability to accept women in all arenas.