Monday, December 1, 2014

Where did this year go?

     People say it all the time, "Where did the year go?" but it is still a valid question. Today is the first day of the last month of 2014. This month will mark the last sequential date (12/13/14) for our lifetimes. The days are 24 hours long and yet the minutes move like quicksilver. I know November just started and yet here we are holidays at hand waiting 30 days away from another new year. How did we get here?

     At any rate, I am glad to be here to ask this question. I know in an instant 2015 will present itself. I am looking forward to the final flurry of days filled with friends and family, love and laughter happiness and harmony with a touch of the chaotic . Thanksgiving allowed me a chance to enjoy man of those I love all in one spot and was one of the best moments in time ever. I wish it could have lasted longer but the feelings it stirred stay with me.

     Be thankful for each moment no matter how fleeting it may be. Be happy with what you have as some would gladly trade lives with you and others are happier with far less. Our lives are long yet never as long as we need, want or hope it will be.