Monday, June 24, 2013

Plans and Procrastination II

In the original article I wrote that I had "plans from here til July". I definitely did not lie. I am exhausted but in a mostly good way. I have not been idle but I have lacked the needed time and frame of mind to continue with this portion of my blogosphere. I have managed to maintain my artistic endeavors and to write  a poem a day (most weeks) but writing the longer essay style has been at the fringes of my list.

Learning to combine two calendars has been an interesting feat. Compromise is a great tool. I am positive that is why so many individuals continue to have difficulty at this task. It's even more difficult when you have grown accustomed to doing everything your own way.These people lack the will, desire or ability to compromise. Yes, you are with someone to be with that person but you are always going to be with yourself. You must learn to be on your own again and secure in your partner.

"Procrastination has worked it's magic and plans for the future have returned to their proper place." Reality is often complicated and, when dealing with unwanted issues, quite difficult to bear. Time to face up to reality once again. Procrastination has now come to an end.