Monday, June 27, 2016

And All Free to Do!

So I am always out and about in the city. I sometimes remember beforehand to tell people about what's going on but not always. Today I remembered that I have been asked for advanced warnings on events. You asked for it. You got it. The following will be a few links to keep you informed on your own as well as a few reviews of items I've done before that I think is worth it to explore. Enjoy!

Music, Dance and event links:

We Like LA 

Dance Downtown



Dance Downtown is a fun way to enjoy a Friday Night. If you live near the train then I would suggest taking it to the Music Center. The train runs late enough for you to go out til 2  and still get home.
Dance under the LA version of stars on the Music center plaza or in Grand Park. Every other Friday night is an actual instructor teaching a specific dance. So far there's been Bollywood and Line Dancing. Up next is Cumbia and Argentine Tango. On the Friday's without a specific lesson enjoy multiple DJ's who play a variety of music for you to get your body moving. Parking is free after a certain time but the sooner you go the better for space on the dance floor. Bring a picnic and enjoy yourself.

There's more music to be had at LACMA. This year they celebrate 25 years of Jazz at LACMA. Jazz is every Friday night at 6. There's Latin Music on Saturday's at 5 in the park and Sundays at 6 there's classical music in the Bing Theater. ALL FREE!!!! The museum is also Free after 3. Parking underneath is free after 7. That being said, the plaza fills up. There's limited space so early is best to find a great spot to plant yourself and enjoy the festivities. Bringing your own food is allowed.

This Week

Westwood is starting free movie Mondays tonight. Check out the We Like LA link for info on that. This Friday is DJ night at Dance Down Town. West LA College will be having fireworks for the 4th. The event is $5 per person and parking is $10. Take the Culver City 3 bus or shuttle in to avoid the massive line. Friday July 8 is Cumbia at Grand Park.

So Every other Monday I will try to keep you informed for the next couple of weeks. There's always something to do in LA. Go out and PLAY!!!

Monday, June 20, 2016

One Year, Six Months and Nineteen Days

When I saw the last published on date it took me by surprise. I knew that it had been a while but I couldn't believe that it had been this long. What have I been doing? How could I have neglected this part of my life for so long and not even realized? It's been one year, six months and nineteen days since last I had a Madnaloy Moment. All I can say is, fully living life leaves little time for observation and documentation.

Time management is an art. I think it is a never-ending craft that one hones but never completely masters. I had it all under control. I had a plan. I had topics aplenty. But time;Time is elusive. You think you've got it but then it disappears. Where does it go? I ask  myself this quite often and I still can't tell you.

Today I begin again. I have a new plan and yet another belief in my ability to simultaneously bring to life yet confine to print the realities which surround me. Despite all life's little follies, fancies and foibles, fully living life and realizing my true potential in multiple creative realms can hopefully finally flow through me. We shall see.