Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Shoes or Daily Death Defying Devices?

I am not a shoe person. Of course my feet are not the industry size standard of beauty so in a way I can thank or blame them for my indifference to this apparently totally feminine obsession. The women who wear them well I admire and envy. I can even understand some of the aesthetic value of these marvels but I do not get the need to place myself in danger with every move I make.

Yesterday I saw a women nearly kill herself 3 times while walking across a fairly flat intersection. Her shoes were 100% to blame. They were lovely; a concoction of red and gold on a huge wedge that took her normal 5 foot 3 self up to a towering five foot six or seven. She had style but she did not have grace. She was walking and talking with a friend and nearly fell after the first two steps. Made a misstep by the 5th movement and crashed into the curb because she didn't lift her foot high enough when she reached the other side of the intersection with her final step. She then proceeded to "stomp" Frankenstein's monster style the rest of the way down the sidewalk in order to maintain her balance. It was not a pretty sight.

Why do we do this? Most shoes are NOT made by women for women. In the original onset of the high heel both men and women wore them, why is it we are still out in the stratosphere while men are securely planted on terra firma? Why do we feel the need to risk an injury just to "pull an outfit together"? Who are we really wearing these shoes for? 

I hate that we as a whole are such slaves to an industry who on a regular basis refer to the models as "hangers" for their clothes.  Our feet deserve more respect than we currently give them. Our self worth does as well. I don't know about  you but I am tired of the stiletto, no heel, stripper look shoe as the standard. Creative footwear, more power to you but for those of us who like to keep our feet on the ground please return to designing something more environmentally sound in sizes so everyone can keep their pretty feet safe on the ground.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Novel November

I am exhausted. I applaud authors their ability to live their lives and write consistently. I need to find one to mentor me as I have not quite mastered this skill. The month of October has come and gone without a word from me. It is now Novel November and once again I have missed my moment to write from beginning to end. It is only day 3 and technically I could catch up but I know what events are on the horizon and fear that this will prevent me from writing anything at all. I might try for a March Madness Moment instead. There are 31 days in March and it should be a more calm time of year. I could even be an April fool as this is a fool hardy experience. All I know is I need to start back to the basics and write again. Let's see if I can do it.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Shameless Self Promtion!

I have been quiet on the internet because I have been creating art offline. I am fortunate enough to be able to announce that  My piece, “Amaze Face” will be on the move this year as a part of  The Whole 9‘s upcoming 4th annual Peace Project entitled Peace, Love and Understanding.
This exhibition will be unveiled on World Peace Day, September 21st at Affair of the Arts in Culver City, CA, and will then makes stops throughout the United States. Confirmed appearances include:
September 21st & 22nd – Affair of the Arts, Culver City, CA
October 5th – Art Zone 461, San Francisco, CA
October 12th – 29 Pieces, Dallas, TX
Thursday, November 7th — Evening Reception, Landmark Arts Building, Chelsea, NY
Saturday, November 9th — Open House, Landmark Arts Building, Chelsea, NY
November 23rd – The Whole 9 Gallery, Culver City, CA

In these turbulent times, it’s nice to know people are working for peace. Come join me and the many other artists for a wonderful event.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Going from ME to WE

Okay, this relationship thing is interesting. I mean you meet someone. You build a friendship. You learn each other's quirks. You try to make all the idiosyncrasies work. It's a process. It is amazing how at some unknown point during the courtship you start saying we and us as opposed to I and me. How did I go from me to we?

I am not even sure when it started. All I know is that all of a sudden (maybe not as suddenly as I believe) I am referring to my place as home for the two of us, we check the calendar to see where we can fit in new events and when invited to places I am now saying we might have plans let me check. When did this happen? I mean we've barely crossed over the one year mark and yet I am certain this "we" thing happened well before that.

Part of me greatly enjoys the fact that I have a significant other who I need to consult to make sure we have nothing on the agenda, however my fiercely independent side is not on board with the program. She is beside herself with annoyance at constantly having to pull out the calendar to see if something else is there. She misses just saying yes to something and doing whatever, whenever she pleased.

I think it is a fear of losing oneself in another. I have nothing to fear as I do enough on my own to not  let that happen but the "what if" creeps in now and again to throw it's nonsense into the mix. "What if I am doing too many of his things", "What if I don't get to see my friends enough or anymore", "What if I am making him do too many of my events", "What if we are just humoring each other and none of this seemingly great compromise is real". The "What If" monster lurks around  hoping to cause a ripple in the delicate balance of the new formed we. Fighting it is a hard task but it can be done.

I have learned the fine art of compromise. I have always been able to stand firm and say NO if I mean No but I now say it in a way that doesn't feel as if I am laying down the law as opposed to just expressing disinterest. I have learned that no matter how my independent side argues against too much us, she is sad when the other half of we isn't about. I still greatly enjoy my me but I am now growing comfortable with we.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Plans and Procrastination III

Well, I was wrong. July was NOT my triumphant return to reality. When the world seems to crash around on all sides sometimes you stand tall and sometimes you hide. Still in other moments you runaway to live to fight another day. I chose a bit of all 3. The possibility of being creative was there but quite ephemeral. I felt urges and yet ignored them or followed them til they disappeared into the shadows at the edge of my reality.

Writers often talk about the perfection environment for writing. There has to be time, energy, creativity and security for this magical thing called writing to occur. July did not bring all of those elements into alignment. Today is the first day I have felt the celestial elements combine and align and I am glad for their return.

Hopefully this creativity castle will stay fixed in the heavens for more than a moment. It is rather exhausting to dig deep within your self and put thought to paper but that is the intent of this blog. I have several subjects to bring forth so in order to catch up with my writing I might post more than one in a week and possibly even in a day.

To all the writers who earn their living in this medium, I applaud your tenacity. This is an effortless process when the words are in stock but the droughts are ever so tedious and time consuming. I am amazed at your ability to bring forth life from such dry ground. Here's to my next round of life.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Plans and Procrastination II

In the original article I wrote that I had "plans from here til July". I definitely did not lie. I am exhausted but in a mostly good way. I have not been idle but I have lacked the needed time and frame of mind to continue with this portion of my blogosphere. I have managed to maintain my artistic endeavors and to write  a poem a day (most weeks) but writing the longer essay style has been at the fringes of my list.

Learning to combine two calendars has been an interesting feat. Compromise is a great tool. I am positive that is why so many individuals continue to have difficulty at this task. It's even more difficult when you have grown accustomed to doing everything your own way.These people lack the will, desire or ability to compromise. Yes, you are with someone to be with that person but you are always going to be with yourself. You must learn to be on your own again and secure in your partner.

"Procrastination has worked it's magic and plans for the future have returned to their proper place." Reality is often complicated and, when dealing with unwanted issues, quite difficult to bear. Time to face up to reality once again. Procrastination has now come to an end.

Monday, April 29, 2013

The Cracks of the Clothing World

Okay fashion industry, it is well past time for you to get it together. I am in a land where I am too big to be small and too small to be big. According to a woman who designed a costume for me, I am all bust. I have a waist I have curves, I can shop in any store from the waist down but because "the girls" are well developed, dresses and shirts are my enemy. I also have the unfortunate luck of having a size 10 and a half wide shoe size. I literally fall between the cracks of the clothing world. Whether it is too small, too big or not small/big enough, one thing is for certain; I am not alone.

I have been on shoe shopping excursions to find many other delightful divas unable to find footwear that's the right look or size. Why does the industry believe that a big foot equals bad taste? Why do the fashion gurus think that basic black or obnoxious prints are the only styles worthy of covering  those above a size 10? Why have we continually allowed them to dictate the styles of our life? I am not a Barbie Doll, Wanna be rock star, bland soccer mom, stripper nor Hollywood wife and I would like the fashion options and footwear that state that.

While I am at it, what's up with the "pros-ti-tot" attire? Everywhere I look I see the sexualization  of our youth. NO one needs a pair of skinny jeans. I should not be seeing kinders in pleather knee high boots and elementary girls in short shorts that make Daisy Dukes look like respectable church attire. I am tired of seeing your thong. I hate knowing what boxers you are wearing. Our boys need to pull up their pants. It's been 30 years now buy a belt!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Plans and Procrastination

I will admit it. I am a procrastinator. I know it is best to just do it and get it done but where's the fun in that? This month has been rather challenging to my writing and creativity corner. I have plans from here til July. When combining two busy individuals' calendars it's amazing how difficult it is to find a moment to breathe and just do what you normally do. I did have windows of opportunity but somehow other events seemed more user friendly to me. I even planned time on different days to catch up with my regular work but as we all know "the best laid plans..."

Many people feel guilty about the time wasted not working on their creative endeavors or business prospects. Many feel that without the nose constantly to the grindstone the work that needs to be done will not be accomplished. Many feel that taking a break is slacking off. Luckily for me I am not a part of the many.

I figure we actually need this procrastination tool as a jump start for reality. Eventually you burn out on those long term plans and need a reason to begin again. Starting fresh after a brief break seems to truly stimulate the creative juices. The month of April has been a bit of a loss with words for me but I have gained plenty and believe the words that waled away are ready to return to me with greater ease. Procrastination has worked it's magic and plans for the future have returned to their proper place. No more taking up space, it's time to get get back to the tasks at hand now that I've procrastinated myself into a better plan.

Monday, April 1, 2013

There's no Fool Like an April Fool

Nobody knows how it started but everybody loves the opportunity for some tom foolery. BE careful out there today because what once was a private joke among friends is now the internet's funniest top ten.  Happy April Fools Day!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Party Pooper

I am not out to ruin anyone's good time. I am not against getting something fun. I am however in great awe at the ridiculousness of the goody bag at children's birthday parties. When did this phenomenon begin? Where did it all start? Why has it gone so terribly terribly wrong?

Once upon a time individuals had a right to feel special and be special on a day set aside just for that person. A birthday is about the person born on that day. Twins and Triplets (etc..) have to deal with sharing the day and so too the rare instances of siblings years apart being born on the same day but ultimately it is a day that should be all about you. Why aren't we teaching children how to be happy for someone else? Why are we not helping them understand that you don't give something just to get something in return? Why are we so afraid to let someone have his or her special moment?

As a child I went to a party. I gave a gift. We played games. We ate snacks. There was cake and ice cream. We went home and within a few days of the event we received thank you letters for the specific gift that was given. I was not upset that I didn't get a bag of treats to take home. I was not unhappy that the child received all of this stuff but I received nothing. Why is it no longer done this way? I even see siblings have this happening. I never received gifts on my younger brother's birthday nor did he receive gifts on mine. It wasn't about him on my birthday and it wasn't about me on his yet many of today's children do not understand this concept.

A great deal of this sense of entitlement that is circulating around the youth of today might just in part be due to this very event. They expect something just because they showed up. They think that every event is about them. They aren't satisfied to do something for mere enjoyment's sake. It is an awful reality.

Parents have also taken this goody bag at the end of the party to extremes. The one upping of each other became so bad that at an actual elementary of which I am quite familiar, they had to ban the celebrating of birthdays altogether. It is not about YOU Mom and Dad and it is not about the people who came, it is all about the Birthday kid. I think it's well past time we all remembered that.

Monday, March 18, 2013

The World as it is II

The  most recent headlines online and on the news are about the rape of a 16 year old girl. They aren't sympathetic towards the girl because after all she was drunk and prone to lying, they were sad for the convicted rapists who had such promising football careers. They were good students just having a good time posting pics to social media and having people cheer them on or just watch. How could it be that they got arrested?

At school today, a 10 year old felt perfectly justified in punching a kid who said the wrong thing to him. He did this in front of the kid's father and surrounded by other adults. He probably learned this form the moms who were encouraging their kids to fight on you tube or perhaps the various war related videos he was discussing through the course of the day. You know the videos with the age appropriate label on them. The one he was not appropriately aged for.

That Lindsey has managed to escape jail yet again. I believe this is time number five. Had any of us mere mortals done just a fraction of what she has done we would be behind bars and the key would have disappeared. Last I checked all law-abiding citizens who violate probation go to jail. If we take property from a store without paying we might get probation but at the level of cash that the jewelry was at that would definitely be jail time. Lying to an officer hmm perjury is about a 30 day jail sentence. Ah the power of celebrity.

Marriage is still a major debate. I am still not certain how it works that my happiness is directly linked to whether or not the same sex couples can be married. Apparently if they can enjoy a long and lovely life with the one they love, then any relationship I have is null and void. I wonder what the geniuses behind that argument would think if they check the history books to discover that their sacred marriage was never about love in the beginning. It was about claiming hers, collecting properties and forging alliances. It is only in recent times that it's all about love. IF you are fortunate enough to find it, then you should be fortunate enough to be together happily ever after. If marriage is your goal then it should be a right for all.

When last I checked a calendar, it was 2013 yet day be day I feel time is not slipping into the future, but sliding fast back to the past. I am not pleased. I am quite frightened actually. The cavalier attitude which seems to encompass the youth's mentality is very worrisome. Nothing seems to be taboo. Nothing seems to contain true consequences. The  old guard of negativity, bigotry and extreme conservatism seem to be taking hold of the world once more. The land of the free feels rather oppressed to me. Women's rights are silently being revoked. It still requires a signature from on high for blacks to have the right to vote. The new witch hunt is for your local teacher. Our food is killing us. Our water is polluted. The air is dirty and the red tape is even more convoluted.

IF there was ever a time for true and significant change, that time is most definitely now.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Daylight Savings Time

Whether it's for farm communities as we all believe or energy conservation as the government would have us believe, it is a questionable activity that occurs around this time every year.Fall backwards and Spring forward is an adage of which we are all familiar. Twice a year we fool with time in order to make our lives better. The extra sun at this time is a wonderful benefit but the loss of an hour of sleep for me and the readjustment of my body clock to the current reality seems a high price to pay. Not all individuals are as sensitive to this seemingly minute change but enough people are on my side that I decided to investigate this tradition.

It would appear that in it's original inception, it actually had little to do with farm country. It is all  about the government's idea that this change twice a year would bring about the use of LESS energy. So far, studies are inconclusive as to the benefits of this event. Some studies prove we save while others prove we don't. All I can prove is that I don't like it and I do feel it no matter what anyone else says. I believe we should hang out with Hawaii. Tropical island paradise has gotta know something that we don't

Monday, March 4, 2013

New Work Week

It is Monday morning yet again. I am not amused. I am ready for the weekend to return already. Who is with me on this? I remember when I was in Kindergarten life was so much simpler. There was NO SCHOOL on Monday. I went to school Tuesday through Friday. It was glorious. I think we should have the entire world on that same schedule. Of course some people would argue that you need the work week to be five days. TO them I say work a shorter Monday if you must. The hours of 11 to four work well in my opinion. We need to work this out so that no more Mondays are harmed.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Patience is a Virtue?

I have often been told that I have a lot pf patience when people discover I work with elementary age children. For them,  that statement is 100% true. I have plenty of patience for my students even on the days when they seem to find that last nerve and bounce all over it. However,  that statement falls woefully short when it comes to dealing with the adults that roam around this world.

I am finding it more and more difficult to keep my patience around the idiotic individuals masquerading as mature these days. When I feel like I need to use teacher voice on the parents rather than the children, on the people living in the building  next door and on the drivers of the LA streets, something has gone terribly wrong.What happened to taking responsibility for your actions? What happened to the words  "please", "thank you", "excuse me" and  "I apologize"? What happened to moving out of the way when you know you are completely blocking the sidewalk to have a conversation that shouldn't be for public consumption? For that matter what happened to non public conversations? I am so sick and tired of hearing you loudly talk on your cell phone.

 Patience is a virtue but for how much longer I will be blessed with that virtue I am not certain. The actions of  the many (as it is quite more than just a few) are digging in. My patience is wearing thin.

Monday, February 18, 2013

No Photoshop Needed

"You know that's been Photoshopped.", "Photoshop!", "That has to be Photoshop."  It amazes me that so   many people have nothing better to do than state the obvious or reject reality by making the photo shop claim. Do you honestly feel that we, the viewing public, do not have the ability to discern the difference between computer generated images and natural phenomena?  Does it make you feel superior to be able to post the word Photoshop in the comments section as if your far superior skills of reasoning needed to be shared with the rest of us mere mortals?

I am sick and tired of people making this claim. It belittles and annoys the rest of us. It shows a lack of creative spirit and spontaneity. It shows an inability to enjoy the moment and a lack of suspension of disbelief. It shows a need to control others perceptions of reality. It shows a stupidity in that the person making the comment feels that the entire online community has nothing better to do than create images specifically designed to fool you and your job is to point it out.

No Photoshop has been harmed or used in the writing of this statement (just in case you weren't sure)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Reflections on a New Year of Life

There's a mad man on the loose. Gun control both for and against is being argued. The Pope is retiring at the end of the month. Women are still being judged by what they wear. Men are still being judged by how masculine is the way they conduct themselves. Sagging pants are still an unwanted fashion choice. A Lohan, Kardashian and Boo Boo Child is apparently newsworthy. The Grammy's have come and gone and the Oscars are on their way. The Year of the Snake is  upon us. Yesterday was my birthday. Valentine's day is near. Everyday reality is here.

 I am reflecting on the new year of my life and what may come my way. We have come far but not as far as we should be today. We are such a diverse population that a true middle ground will not happen for many lifetimes to come. I am in awe at the posts I see from educated, uneducated, informed, uninformed and misinformed minds in regards to current social issues. I fear for tomorrow. I worry that the children are not being taught well by their parents. I worry that a Free and public education will not be available for much longer. I worry that the arts will die before all have an opportunity to taste their beauty. I worry that history is on the verge of repeating itself. We have a long way to go my friends. All I know for now is that the world spins and we continue despite the positive and negative moments which occur.

Thursday, January 31, 2013


I have no idea how we managed to move 31 days into the future. I am pretty positive New Year's eve just happened. I haven't even been able to do my Madnaloy Moment  Monday post on MONDAY like I should. This time slippin' into the future nonsense has got to stop. I bare got an opportunity to truly appreciate the fact that 2013 is here. This year started off with a flash flood in my apartment followed by 2 and a half weeks worth of construction. It was a much needed pipe restructuring and long overdue face lift but quite inconvenient nonetheless. Combine the maze that was my home, with work, side jobs, creative endeavors and a new romance and January didn't have any chance to be more than quicksilver days.

So far 2013 has been a blur.  It is unsettling to realize that a comment told to me in my youth, "As soon as you're finished picking up the pine needles from Christmas, it's time to start cleaning out the Easter grass." has finally become a reality to me. We saw red hearts the moment the baby New Year left the Party. I am sure that kid does double duty as Cupid. I've a feeling shamrocks are right around the corner. I'm pretty positive I've heard the strains of Hippety Hoppety Easter's on it's Way  in the distance.

I know I can't be alone in this bewildering time warp. Here's hoping that February won't be as fast and furious.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Keep the Dream Alive

We all have dreams. Some of us are fortunate enough to be living the dream,  others are still working towards their dreams and sadly there are those whose dreams have been lost and fear they will never be found again. Today we are seeing a dream come true as the first American black president is being inaugurated for the second time. What is making the event even more poignant is the fact that this inauguration is occurring on the holiday commemorating civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
The crowds are numerous, the words stimulating, the dream of a King has taken reality.

May we all be fortunate enough to live our dreams. I am currently actively pursuing my artistic dreams. I am fortunate enough to have friends to support me on this journey. As we take time to observe and or participate in this moment in history remember to keep your dreams alive. Strive for the change for the better that we all know is possible.

On this day in history
It will be remembered significantly
A second inauguration of America's first Black President 

Already on this day

We commemorate the birthday of 
a man who showed true peace and love
the late civil rights lion Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

It's been 150 Years since the Emancipation Proclamation. 

America we are making progress 
But we still have far to go to continue to create a great nation

Monday, January 14, 2013

Shameless Self Promotion

Madnaloy is the artist in me and she gets to come out and play at the Bacon Social this Saturday! Join me for an evening to remember.

Bacon Social is a monthly celebration of art, food, music and culture held in burgeoning warehouse district of downtown LA. The event features the work of over 20 different local artists and photographers along with sets by awesome bands. Add in 50+ pounds of free bacon and a selection of adult beverages and tasty snacks and there you have it!

The next Bacon Social takes place Saturday, January 19th at 7pm at The Factory - 654 S Myers St. Los Angeles, CA 90023.

Cover is $6.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Bacon Social

SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bacon Social   Madnaloy check it out!