Monday, April 30, 2012

Don't Check Me In

Why are we checking in to any place that's not an airport or a hotel? Why are our friends trying to check us in? Who thought that giving a precise map to the location was a good idea?If you are online and not aware of all the possibilities then you have been at some point and time checked in. There are apparently rewards waiting for those people in to this idea. I however am not fond of this particular form of online intrigue.

I am just as guilty as everyone else for tagging photos of people who are with me at public events. I try my best to keep the tagging to a minimum and to the particularly pretty shots. The pictures of us all together after the event that will be posted are wonderful memories. I like the online ability to share the moment. It's as if photo albums found a new life where they are not being brought out to unsuspecting guests but instead left out for those with the desire to peruse to do so. This to me is information enough for any who cares.

 I do not like the idea that someone, even a friend, has the ability to tell the world at large EXACTLY where I am when I am ACTUALLY there. I have personally turned off all of those permissions on my various accounts because I will tell anyone the following, "Don't check me in." As a single woman, I find it a bit unnerving that a map to my precise whereabouts can be generated to show you how to get to me too. If I want you to know where I am, I alone should be responsible for telling you.

I don't need to be the mayor. I don't care about the free stuff. I already am free advertising just by my posting that I went to your restaurant, movie, concert and the like. I do not need to be checked in and have the coordinates of my journey plotted for all to see.  I just don't get how this is useful beyond the free stuff someone receives especially when that someone is not me. We all draw our intrusive line. Here's where I draw mine.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Earth Day

I'll admit it. I just nodded along the first time I heard about this day I had no idea of where it came from. I mean. Earth Day? What do you do? Why does it exist. When did we start celebrating this? It was a complete surprise to me. Over the years it's value has become well known to more and more individuals across the globe. Thankfully we have decided to use this time to truly make the masses aware of the Earth and all it's needs. This week my elementary school is celebrating "Earth Week". Here's a bit of history to let you in on the reasons why.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Want vs Need

Struggling to find the difference between want versus need has been a lifelong issue. I want to be independently wealthy. I need to work. I want to be thinner, I need to exercise. I want to travel the globe, I need to figure out how. These are logical want and need progressions. However, I have noticed society has progressed into "needs" that are definitely NOT needed.

A commercial ran the other day that stated "Tired of missing out on the best things in life because you don't have a flat screen tv?" No one NEEDS a flat screen tv in order to have the best things in life. If your reality requires high definition television in order for it to be the best, you need to reconsider your priorities.

I've mentioned this before in an article about the sense of entitlement going around in the younger generations these days. It appears that it is more pervasive than just the sense of entitlement. Somehow what we want has transferred itself to the what we believe we need category.

Currently, I work with children that are around 10 years of age. Most of these kids are not required to do any chores. Over half of my class of 34 are not even required to make their own beds. It rained unusually hard last week and several of them asked me if they could call their parents to get dry shoes. If  these are the building blocks for the future of society. I fear the world will be crumbling around us in the years to come.
How can this lot distinguish between legitimate wants and needs if everything is taken care of for them? Expectations will continue to run high and what these children believe should just happen will become more and more outrageous as time goes on.

A friend of mine actually said to me "I HAVE to watch the games.", when I suggested she cut her cable in order to lesson household expenses. Apparently the reality of having to buy gas to get to work or food to feed the family was greatly shadowed by the NEED to watch a sporting event. If both the children and the adults who are meant to be guiding the children are caught up in this continued keeping up with the Jones' mentality, how can we possibly move forward?

We need to figure out how to bring boundaries back into reality and actual wants and needs back into society. We want and need better healthcare. We want and need better choices for political offices. We want and need homes in which to live, food to eat, clean air to breathe and an end to social and racial tension. We don't have it. No one NEEDS an iPad,  a Kindle, or a Kardashian....yet somehow they are all here and thriving.

"You can't always get what you want    But if you try sometimes, well you might find
You get what you need." The Rolling Stones were quite correct in this statement. We need to try , not some time, but all the time. That time is Now.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Bunnies and Eggs

As a child, Passover was directly related to the special movies on television. Lots of "Pharaoh  let my people go." quotes were all I actually understood. As I have grown older however I recognize the significance of Passover more readily than bunnies and eggs. I like the rituals and traditions it brings.

Easter has always meant chocolate bunnies and colored eggs to children who celebrate. Dying eggs festive colors then going hunting for them was always fun. Baskets filled with sweet treats that you traded with siblings, biting ears off bunnies and making faces at funky jelly bean flavors was always a routine right there with going to church.  Springtime rituals crossing over into the story of Jesus, although fun, the connection still confuses me.
I will admit though, Sees Candies half price the day after Easter sale on chocolate eggs is calling my name ;-)

Monday, April 2, 2012

April Fool's Day

Hopefully we all arrived to today without too many pranks along the way. April first has been known as a day where practical jokes run wild and free yet we are not exactly sure why we do it.There are numerous rumors of the days creation but this is one day where the origin has definitely been lost.

I like the idea of a designated day of laughter. We need more laughter, light and love in the world. The wisdom of this day is lost on most as foolishness seems a great waste of time to many. We often get too caught up in the pressures of reality to understand that young or old we all need to laugh. It makes you live longer.

As long as everyone is in on the joke the day is good. It's the pranks that cause mayhem to happen. A good joke and we are all laughing and  happy. A prank and someone's being laughed at, not with. Hopefully all the April Fool's out there know the difference.