Monday, September 24, 2012

Just an Observation

I was at the beach this weekend and noticed a rather interesting event. Apparently when you are between the ages of toddler to 6, your parents feel it is perfectly acceptable for you to change clothes in public. Out of your street clothes into your swim wear. What was interesting however was the reactions of the children to this event. The toddlers had no problems going from one outfit to another in front of the beach crowd. The four, five and six year old children had a different take on the matter. Apparently society s a whole seems to begin to instill "shame" of self at this young age. Some kids were crying, others were trying to cover themselves and still others refused because: "you told me not to be naked in front of others." Why are we so caught up with guns and violence, yet the human body is what we are ashamed of? Why is it we have children who express disgust at nakedness in art but if something is being blown up in a movie it's funny? It makes me sad.This, I believe, is the start for many for self-loathing, eating disorders, inferiority complexes and a general discomfort in your own skin. The mere fact that a six year old was reacting so strongly to being naked in public shows how harshly we embed the idea that being naked is bad. Do I want to see everyone in  the free world naked? No, that's not what I am saying. Do I want us to understand that our bodies are beautiful and nothing to be ashamed of and not disgusting, YES. THAT would be a great first step in creating a more well rounded individual without the current hang ups of contemporary society.

Monday, September 17, 2012

It's That Time of Year

I am amazed at how quickly the days, weeks, months of this year have slipped into the future. I cannot believe that it is already September, school started a month ago, fall is upon us and the start of all the end of the year holidays has begun. Rosh Hashanah is here and many of my friends are celebrating the year 5773. With the onset of that holiday it let's me know that soon will be more events to come. Halloween is hauntingly near, Thanksgiving dinner will soon appear, Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, and 2013 are right around the corner. I scarcely believe that this is my reality. The speed at which it moves never ceases to amaze me. Hopefully, from time to time, we can all set aside a moment to look around and enjoy the world, Chaotic and imperfect as it may be, we should enjoy the fact that we are here to experience it. TO all my friends who celebrate, Shana Tova!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Okay What Am I Going To Write?

Okay what am I going to write?
Not one to get  into politics in print.
Not one to join the nationwide lament.

Okay what am I going to write?
Several friends have birthdays today.
Many more avoid this day.

Okay what am I going to write?
The weather's warm, I slept alright.
The ground held still all through the night.

Okay what am I going to write?
My days are planned from here to there.
A whirlwind of emotion fills the air.

Okay what am I going to write?
A question I ask time and again.
Guess I'll just have to pick up the pen.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Car Chase Craziness

I know there are many of you out there who watch them, revel in them, love them but I am not a member of your group. They always end the same way. You get caught. They stop your vehicle and wind up face down on the ground or the driver gives up and winds up face down on the ground. Okay there has been  a few where they die but that too is in fact getting caught and instead of face down on the ground you're in a box in the ground. Why do you run?

I don't honestly believe that all these drivers feel they will be the one to get away. Could the guaranteed "15 minutes of fame" be that much of a lure to so many? Is it the heady power of I've gone this far so why not keep up til I can't go any further? What is it that makes these escape artist want to be's try to out drive the police and hovering helicopters on the bus streets of LA? You can barely get where you'r e going in a timely fashion on a good day but with local police and highway patrol, Skycam 5 and all the other news copters where do you really think you are going to go?

Why are we as a whole fascinated by this chase? Are we all secretly hoping the driver does get away? To me, that has to be the only reason we watch. It is not that we are on the driver's side, it's more the spirit of the chase. The odds are most definitely not in the driver's favor and therefore that innate desire to route for the underdog kicks in and we watch, waiting, hoping that maybe this time it'll have a different ending. I can't see any other reason to disrupt my regularly scheduled programming.

I know this statement won't sit well with most but I say, follow the chase, film away but don't interrupt my day.Let me see the highlights at news at 6 and 10. Warn the various neighborhoods with the alert system so they can clear the streets but leave me out of the days chase. It's a waste of space. Of course, if you get to the end and they stop the car or the driver stops the car and somehow or another eludes authorities then tune me in at that moment as that would be something different and worth it for me to see.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day

Hope today all the hard working individuals out there enjoyed the "final barbecue of summer". Labor Day traditionally signifies it's time to turn in our white pants, turn off our summer fun and return to full blown reality. It's actual purpose was a day off to all the laborers across the land that help make our cities and states grand. I heard a wonderful way to celebrate this holiday that adds even more meaning to the day. Take a moment to say thank you to someone whose labor helped make your dreams possible. Happy Labor Day everyone!