Monday, March 31, 2014

Small Smiles

It's amazing how a small event can change an entire day for positive or negative. This morning I had a positive moment that may seem so insignificant to someone else as to be not worthy of a mention but to me, it's made my day brighter. I have had a purple padlock for a number of years which has sat locked for all this time as I had forgotten the combination. I knew that I had it in here somewhere but where was the question that had no answer until moments ago.

I have been rearranging spaces and sorting through places that normally remain left alone in order to make room for 2 people's possessions. I have found pictures from the past and notes from me to me. I have found grocery lists and schedules and various trinkets. I have filed, trashed and rehashed them all in my mind and then without looking for it at all, there it was, the combination just sitting there. I tried it out and it worked. The lock that still looks new now has the opportunity to fulfill it's destiny. IT makes me happy that I didn't throw it out. I made the mistake once of giving up on finding something and just after discarding the item, the mare was found. Sometimes it's not an exercise in futility to hold out hope for something.

This morning happiness is three numbers on a small slip of paper that opened up a lock thought lost for ever. A small smile but an unexpected happy start to a much needed day off. A small smile can lead to a big smile and that to a laugh and the list goes on. Here's to the little things in life that should not be overlooked. Little things mean a lot.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Time Slip

"Time keeps on slipping into the future." I cannot believe it has been over a month since last I wrote. I have written of the need for more time and of the fact that I have been merging my world with another. Apparently this time slip has  no mercy. I can't remember every moment but the ones that I do are amazing. I am hoping to be back to me sooner than later and as often as before.

I am navigating the eccentric pathways of compromise of late. I am learning that you really do have to have open lines of communication in order to clearly get your message out and understood. You also need to be able to use these lines in order to not get lost along the way. Who knew that I would have to explain that 8 AM on a Saturday is NOT my idea of sleeping in. Compromise, compassion and communication. I have needed used all of these skills over the last few months. It's been keeping me busy but hopefully when the foundation has been laid then the rest as they say will be icing on the cake.